Structural Drying

What is structural drying? This is an industry term used to describe the science of drying out your home. Structural drying is used after the water extraction phase of the cleanup has been finished.

Peoria Water Damage Services uses this science to calculate what it will take to completely dry out your home swiftly and efficiently as possible while minimizing the disruption to your life.

We consider many factors in our calculations such as square footage of the impacted area, water saturation levels and the total amount of impacted materials.

Once we have all the facts about the situation, we develop and implement a drying plan for your home. You get this level of professionalism with one call to Peoria Water Damage Services.

Our dedication to doing the job right and streamlining the entire water damage cleanup process from start to finish is what makes us the best in the valley. We don’t contract with third-party vendors for repairs. We handle everything in house to reduce stress to our customers and provide excellent value for your money.

Peoria Water Damage Services is located at 11176 N 82nd Dr, Peoria, Az 85345. We provide water damage cleanup services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Set up your appointment with us by calling 623-244-8773