This customer had a leak in his home and he wasn’t sure if it was coming from his shower or from outside after the recent storms. The concern with not knowing where the leak is, is that the damage can get worse such as the structural integrity of your home and or even mold damage and then the associated health problems that come when mold is present. This is why we need to locate and begin drying out your home as soon as possible. In order to check for moisture that may be hiding in your walls our technician will use an infrared camera. Infrared cameras turns our technician into a “building forensic investigator”. Using this technology the technician can combine the thermal imaging with his water damage inspection skills to make more accurate and intentional decisions when it comes to assessing your water damage. This will save you time and money. Our technician’s goal is to minimize any further damage to your home. Using these thermal images he can also document the affected area and his progress through out the dry out process.

As soon as you see water or notice any changes to your ceilings, walls or flooring call a trusted water damage restoration company like us! These visible signs can be bubbling or cracking of drywall, wallpaper or paint. The flooring can lift or the planks can shift. You may even notice a musty odor or actual mold growing in your home. Peoria Water Damage Services is here to help. Our office can be reached twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at 623-244-8773. We work with both residential properties and commercial. We can take credit, debit or cash but we also work with all insurance companies for those customers who need to make an insurance claim.