We recently has a customer who accidentally left her upstairs bathroom sink on which then overflowed and ran for hours before being discovered. Setting up containment walls the technician can keep other areas of your home from dust and mold spores that could be in the area from the restoration process. Sometimes the tech will have to remove drywall, insulation, carpet and carpet padding. These plastic walls will keep those particulates from cross contaminating other parts of your home. These containment walls will create a durable floor to ceiling protective barrier and will reduce the clean up time as well as the restoration costs. You can continue to use the rest of your home as you normally would. Call our Water Damage Restoration office today at 623-244-8773 for questions about our services or if you need a free, onsite estimate after water damage. We are a trusted local company who is here to help.

Did you know that you can receive money back if you are conserving water at your home in Peoria, Arizona? It pays to be more conscious of your home water use. There are a number of water saving rebates available for the City of Peoria utility customers only. Although there are a limited number of rebates available each fiscal year. Rebates are given on a first come basis from the date and time the rebate application is received. Water is a limited and precious resource and you can do your part by conserving water usage at your home. You can use a high efficiency toilet, smart irrigation controller and install low water use landscaping by converting to Xeriscape. Click here to see the available rebates! The City of Peoria reserves the right to suspend this program at any time during the year and sewer and trash only customers are ineligible.